It was meant to be a lovely Sunday morning of tennis. Seven of us left early for the Western and Southern Open in Mason, thanks to Barb, who had some Box seats and decided to share them with us. But then the Rain Gods had other plans

It was a complete washout, at least of the morning session and as I write this I am hopeful the evening session will take place without weather interference

So the next best thing to do was to take pictures. As always I had my cameras ready. The A7RII with the Super Angulon 21mm f3.4 and the Leica Monochrom CCD with the Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 II and after a few pictures I exchanged the lenses on the cams

This is the beauty of going mirrorless. A Leica lens will fit on a Sony, hell, even a Canon or Nikon lens will fit on a mirrorless cam and the lenses are so small that carrying 2 cameras and 2 lenses is a breeze. Imagine carrying 2 Canon 5Ds or Nikon 810s with 2 lenses. Lugging them around the whole day would be quite a task

The Leica Monochrom sensor is like nothing I have experienced before. The tonality, the sharpness, the sheer quality of the images is astounding, except for a not so great dynamic range. You can easily blow out the highlights so it warrants a careful composition, especially when there are high contrast areas within the frame. All the Black and White images were edited using Photoshop and then Silver Fx Pro

The Sony on the other hand is a high dynamic range monster and can pretty much recover anything. All the color pictures were edited using Photoshop and VSCO Fuji Velvia 50 ASA color scheme

Enjoy, comment, share, like, ask questions…