Plotagraphs-Fun with Photographs

Sometime last year I got really intrigued by Cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are essentially gif files which have parts of the picture moving and part totally still. For example a girls hair might be moving but everything else in the picture would be still

I tried creating some cinemagraphs but frankly found it a little cumbersome. You had to first shoot a video of a scene which would yield itself well to masking and creating a cinemagraph. Then you had to use photoshop/premier pro etc and do some editing and get it right for it to look good

So after a few trials I gave up

And then Plotagraph happened. The difference is, with plotagraph, you don’t need a video file. You just need a single jpeg and you can decide what should move in that picture and do some masking and points to indicate direction etc and viola, you have a moving picture :)…yes it’s fun and addictive

Here are a few samples of what I created: Watch in HD (there is a tutorial at the end of this blog)

Here is a video of how to create a Plotagraph:

Leave your comments and questions, share the fun 😀