The reasons to use a medium format like the Fuji GFX 50R are many:


  1. Higher resolution, enabling tight crops without loss of details.
  2. Medium format in a compact mirrorless body, easy to use.
  3. Great out of camera Jpegs, requiring minimal processing.
  4. Fantastic dynamic range and low light shooting capabilities.
  5. Ability to adapt various vintage/classic lenses.


But beyond all these technicalities, a camera should make you feel like getting creative and it should give you a reason to shoot differently. A camera should make you think. A camera should excite you enough to shoot something every day.


In my last blog post I posted some pictures from the 50R with a couple of Leica lenses adapted. In this post, you will see pictures from the 50R used as a digital back to a Wista 4X5 field camera.

The Wista 4X5 field camera is a Large Format camera. I primarily shoot 4X5 film on it. You can see a sample here. There are a lot of advantages of using a Large Format camera:


  • The negative size is approximately 15-16 times the size of a 35mm film (or a full frame sensor).
  • The front and back of the camera move. Thus you can achieve tilt, shift, swing, rise/fall with the camera itself and you don’t need a special tilt/shift lens.
  • You can achieve perspective correction and a lot of special blur effects by moving the front and back and changing the focal plane.
  • The lenses have a shutter inside and thus enable flash sync speed at any shutter speed.
  • The lenses have a huge image circle thus enabling smaller sensor digital cameras to be attached behind them and moved around to create horizontal, vertical panoramas or both.


I was excited to try this out. Enter Fotodiox. Fotodiox is an innovative company that realized the potential of mirrorless cameras and has come out with innumerable adapters. The one I have has a mount which takes the Fuji GFX 50R and has a board that slides into the back of the Large Format camera. It looks like this. The lens in the front is a Schneider 210mm f5.6. I shot all pictures with the lens wide open.

Here is a panorama, stitched with 3 shots. The camera was on a tripod with the 50R attached. After the first shot the rear standard of the Wista was moved left and right (shift) to take two more shots. Then it was stitched using Photoshop, so, this picture has a whopping 13850X6082 pixels at 300 pixels/inch. This is not a crop.

Here are a few pictures with the front of the Wista tilted/swung to achieve different blur effects. These are all organic and as clicked, no Photoshop for blur effects.

The resolution, sensor size and dynamic range of the 50R along with a Large Format camera, thanks to Fotodiox, is sure a lip smacking prospect. Stay tuned for more shoots.


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