And it arrived! The 110mm (equivalent to approx. 87mm field of view in 35mm)  is one lens in the GFX line up that one cannot live without, especially if you are into portraits like me.

The focal length and the wide aperture make this lens a ‘must have’ in your bag. As on date this is the widest, native mount, AF lens available for the GFX series. The 65 1.4 from Mitakon is a Manual Focus lens in the GFX native mount.


So, how does the lens perform. One word, superb! It just arrived today so I took just a few pictures of my son playing and a few shots as I ventured out with a friend for some beer.

Modern lenses are tack sharp wide open and the 110mm is no exception. For a 110mm it focuses quite fast. I remember the Canon 85 1.2 and the Sony 85 1.4 G Master were not lightning fast either due to the sheer amount of glass these lenses have to move while focusing. The fastest I could focus on an 85mm is the Canon FD 85 1.2 L, a manual focus lens, buttery smooth and fast to focus if you have focus peaking, like I had on my Sony A7RII.


I tried shooting subjects very near and subjects quite far, the 110mm/50R combination handled both with ease. The large sensor and plenty of megapixels help when you want to crop and zoom into a subject shot far away. The quality after cropping is still fantastic. Bokeh quality is superb.

The lens feels heavier than it looks. The feel of the 50R is solid but it is surprisingly light for its size. The 110mm is just the opposite, all because of the glass inside but it balances very well on the 50R.


I love lenses with a manual aperture ring on the outside. It makes life simple for me as I shoot aperture priority 95% of the times. You also have an option to control the aperture from the camera dials if you so wish. A filter thread of 77mm means one can use existing filters from other lenses. 77mm is quite common.

The 110mm is a weather resistant lens, has rounded nine blades diaphragm and focuses internally. I see myself using this lens quite frequently. As of now I need to try it at a good portraiture session.


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