First things first: Why did I buy the Leica SL?

Before the SL came I was shooting weddings and portraits with the Leica M10 and Sony A7RII. I had a 16-35, 35, 85 and 135 for Sony and a 15, 21, 50 and 75 for the Leica. The 15 and 21 were not very easy on the M10 as the Rangefinder window accommodates only a maximum of 28mm field of view.

The A7RII was slow, to start up and then the fps was inadequate to stop action. It had a brilliant sensor and a terrible menu. The lenses, no doubt, were stellar. The slowness of the camera was forcing me to stop shooting a certain style of stop-motion shots I used to love shooting.

So I started considering the SL. If I had to afford it I had to sell the whole Sony arsenal including Phottix Indra 500, Mitros and a trigger. I did it.


How I use the SL:

I shoot Leica M mount lenses on the SL. The size of the original SL lenses and intimidating for me and pricey to build an alternate lens line up.

I use it primarily to shoot wide angle lenses and stop-motion portraits. Not to say that it cannot be used for other purposes but when you need speed, the SL rocks.

The EVF is awesome in its resolution and I can see the full coverage view of ultra-wide angle lenses. The 11 fps continuous shooting gives me frames the Sony never could (The A9 and A7RIII have since upped the Sony fps capabilities).

Here are frames out of a series of shots on the SL at 11 fps:



Some wide shots below:



The colors and dynamic range of the SL are fantastic. High ISO (tested up to ISO 10000) in the SL is not a problem at all so I keep the ISO in Auto mode to give me 1/125 shutter speed or faster. I control the aperture from the lens and shoot in Aperture Priority except when using off camera flash.


Apart from the wide angles, the brilliant EVF of the SL also helps in focusing perfectly with the Leica Noctilux 50mm at 0.95 and follow focus if the subject is moving till you press the shutter. The focus peaking, although not as good as the Sony, is good enough to use the Noctilux effectively.


The SL also does amazing video. 4K is the maximum resolution. I suddenly got a call from a friend who needed an additional videographer in Dallas and I rushed there to shoot for him. I shot mostly at 1080 at 120 fps using the Noctilux. While I cannot share the footage here, the slo mos are brilliant and it seems like the SL rocks in the video department too.


The SL is built like a tank and is an amazing workhorse. I have a feeling this is going to be my go to camera for commercial gigs for a long time to come. I am now eagerly waiting for the Leica SF 60 and remote trigger to start shipping to try some off-camera flash with TTL and Hi Speed Sync capabilities. Exciting times!


Enjoy the pictures, comment, share!