The pace at which technology is changing is at times intimidating but also provides an opportunity for artists, especially photographers to master the art much faster than the film and manual era. Results are available real time, knowledge is available online and feedback is instant. From films to digital medium, from low resolution sensors to upward of 50 megapixels, from DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras, these changes can overwhelm one or present a great opportunity to adapt and have a lot of fun

I myself have moved (since I started shooting in the late 80s) from a point and shoot with film to a fully manual SLR to an AF SLR, to slide film, to digital SLRs, to Mirrorless and have enjoyed every format

While I respect all formats it has to be said that as I write this Mirrorless cameras are presenting a serious threat to DSLRs which have long been seen as the sought after tool for serious photographers and ‘pro cameras’ (I am excluding medium format as their costs make them prohibitively expensive unless one makes a lot of money shooting fashion, editorials etc)

In just over 2-3 years mirrorless cameras have made huge strides and apart from leading the megapixel war, have also added a multitude of fantastic lenses to their arsenal and brought great technological advancements to photography like ‘in-body 5-Axis Image Stabilisation’, ‘electronic viewfinders’, ‘in-camera filters’, ‘4K video’ (going on 6K and 8K), ‘cross-brand and cross-format lens adaptability’ and so many others

My endeavour through this site is to discuss, educate and debate the mirrorless genre. So feel free to post, comment, share, like, debate and have fun