Lens you Have Vs Lens you Want

Rain at the Tennis Tournament

Plotagraphs-Samples and Tutorial

Shooting Boudoir with Leicas

Experimenting with Henri and Hemingway on a Boudoir shoot with two lovely ladies...read on

The Leica Monochrom

Leica's Black and White Sensor Camera

Had heard a lot about this camera and it's unique film like rendering of pictures. Had an opportunity to use it at a wedding...read on

Leica Q-The Small Wonder

About the Leica Q-Nicknamed Hemingway

A 28mm f1.7, fixed focal length cam is not a norm...but Leica thrives on non conformism. The philosophy is simple..best image quality and absolute ease of use and in that the Q excels. Read on for my experience with Hemingway...

How to: Long Exposure Pictures

A Primer on Long Exposure...equipment and technique

Mirrorless cameras are amazing tools for travel, being small and light and brilliant sensors. In this post I discuss the tools and techniques for using Mirrorless cameras for Long Exposure Shots...read on

All about Olympus Cameras

Olympus Family of Micro Four Thirds Sensor and Lenses

For enthusiasts and even pros considering a lighter, smaller, cheaper alternative without compromise on picture quality, Olympus presents a great alternative...read on

Four Cameras and a Wedding

Trying out four different mirrorless cameras in one Wedding

Experimenting is fun...and more so with some vintage lenses with great character and rendering...read on